Month: June 2021

Hot Phone Sex Operator – How to Communicate With Your Partner During a Phone Sex Session

Aussie Phone Sex Operators Live Chat

Phone sex can be one of the most fun and interesting ways to add some excitement to your sex life. Especially when you are talking to Australian telephone sex chat babes over the phone, it can create for an extremely erotic and exciting experience, particularly if you two enjoy having good sex. But it is also a reality and not just a joke: and many phone sex operators do perform all kinds of naughty things to amaze even the most daring and naughty couple. Here are some of the things they can do to get your motor running:

The first kind of phone sex Australia performance that speaks to the erotically charged nature of this activity is what they call “calls of duty.” When you dial into the sex number and the operator says something like, “I’ll take your special one now,” this means that your partner has just about had enough of you. In other words, this is a code word for “I’m done with you.” And while your partner may not be ready to go “footloose” yet, he/she will definitely appreciate the extra touch of lust that you give.

Another thing that some phone sex callers will do is to cut out the middleman. Many of us have been on the receiving end of a number, that a friend called from somewhere and left you wondering who the hell it was. But when the person on the other end of the line is talking to you as though you were their own lover, then you know it’s no ordinary phone sex date! Callers who are cutting out the middleman and getting straight to the point can be very skilled in getting their subjects very aroused, and often use “close” voice inflections and sounds to drive their subject wild.

A classic example of this type of phone sex conversation is the “Sage Guy” fantasy. Sometimes the sex act is referred to as “sage sex” for a reason. The term comes from the age-old belief that a man is only as old as his meat. If you’re using the “sage guy” fantasy, be sure your partner is in the mood for love-making and is open and willing to embrace your creativity.

One of the fastest ways to get your subject in the mood for phone sex is by setting up a short, live video chat with them. Many of the leading internet phone dating sites allow you to record a free live video chat. You simply record a standard text conversation and then insert the webcam feed. The beauty of this is that it’s completely seamless, so you and your partner do not miss a single word.

When your “sage guy” dials the number for your live webcam chat, you can be ready to tell him “Good morning, how are you? Are you new here?” Or “Good evening, how are you?” This is just one of the many ways to start your phone sex session off correctly, since your partner will have no idea how long you’ve been apart!

Another way to get started with phone sex conversations is by setting up an instant messaging account for your “special someone”. This is a great way for people who aren’t good with words to get started, since the format is completely visual. Text messages sent to your partner can be read aloud, which means you can use foreplay to get him or her excited about what’s about to come. Even if your partner has a phobia about sexting, they will be happy to know that this type of communication can actually be quite fun!

When you are preparing to go live on your phone date, you can create a special voice profile for yourself. This is basically a private area where you can talk to other callers while disguised as your favorite human being. This is perfect for those who want to do their dates and send sexy messages to others, since they can say all the things they want, but nobody else can hear them. When you go live on your phone sex date, your voice profile will say something like ” Hi! How are you? Interested in having a phone sex experience with me?

Once your date arrives on your doorstep, you can get started right away by asking him or her what they would like to do. You can then guide them in the direction of things you would like them to try. You can even direct your partner toward things you don’t mind them getting involved in. A hot phone sex operator is just waiting there to fulfill all of your fantasies, and help you have the most exciting sex possible. Don’t forget to record your first conversation, because you never know how much this could lead to!